Best Fruit Picker Comparison | Eversprout vs. Ohuhu/ABCO Tech | Product Review & Unpacking

We compared the #1 Selling Fruit Picker on Amazon, Ohuhu and ABCO Tech, to our freshly released Eversprout 13 ft Twist-On Fruit Picker.

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Eversprout’s Fruit Picker Advantage:

1. TWIST-ON FRUIT PICKER BASKET – Untwist basket and replace with household tools

2. REACH FRUIT 20+ FEET when standing. Adjust the smart 3-stage extendable pole any length 5 to 13 feet

3. PRE-ASSEMBLED & READY TO HARVEST apples, oranges, avocados & more. Bruise-free pad protects fruit

4. LIGHTWEIGHT HIGH-GRADE ALUMINUM POLE weighs under 3 pounds, unlike heavier wood/fiberglass pickers

5. PERFECT FOR ANY FRUIT TREE OWNER. Easy & safe to operate. Smooth, padded pole won’t cut your hands

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