EVERSPROUT Flexible Ceiling Fan Duster - Dusting High Ceiling Fans

Check out the Eversprout Flexible Ceiling Fan Duster! If you have hard to Ceiling Fans this tool is your savior. It’s flexible design fits to any shape fan blade – but it’s not just for cleaning fans! Reach the top of your armoire, TV, furniture, etc. – just bend to it’s shape and swipe the dust away. Available with 12-Foot or 18-Foot Extension Poles (links to purchase below). It’s super lightweight design (weighing just a few pounds) and ease of use makes this tool perfect for conquering all those hard to reach areas of your home!

Purchase on Eversprout.com: https://eversprout.com/product-catego…

Amazon Storefront: https://amzn.to/2MQwScB

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