High-Reach Cleaning Duster Grabs Cobwebs – Eversprout Cobweb Duster (20+ ft Reach)

Trying to dust high ceilings? Say goodbye to all those pesky cobwebs! Check out the Eversprout Cobweb Duster! If you have hard to reach Cobwebs, this tool is your savior. It’s sturdy and lightweight design is suitable for everyone – but it’s not just for cleaning cobwebs! Reach the top of your armoire, TV, furniture, etc. – just extend to the height you need and swipe the dust away. Available with 12-Foot or 18-Foot Extension Poles (links to purchase below). Ditch the ladder and grab yourself an Eversprout Cobweb Duster today. Reach up to 20-25+ft. Lightweight and sturdy. Interchangeable Twist-On Design.

Cleaning made simple.

Purchase on Eversprout.com: https://eversprout.com/product-catego…

Amazon Storefront: https://amzn.to/2MQwScB

Every Order = 1 Tree Planted

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