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Boat Hook

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EVERSPROUT Boat Hook Attachment for Extension Pole | Floats & Super Strong Design | Big Reach for Docking | Twists onto 3/4-inch Acme Thread



  • MULTI-PURPOSE FOR INCREDIBLE VALUE (POLE SOLD SEPARATELY) – Boat Hook can be used in countless ways such as docking, undocking, pulling up lines. Other uses include installing holiday lights, hanging bird feeders and wind chimes, closing tall vents or window blinds (shutters), hanging clothes & more! Makes hard to reach spots a breeze such as truck beds, conveyor belts, or rock climbing. (Pole not Included)
  • NO SCRATCH, NO BEND BOAT HOOK – Unlike many other boat hooks on the market, the Eversprout Boat Hook does not bend underweight. This allows for a sturdy and confident reach. Smooth hook design means no scratching when in use
  • THE EVERSPROUT ADVANTAGE – 1 YEAR WARRANTY, MIND-BLOWING USA CUSTOMER SERVICE, 1 TREE PLANTED WITH EVERY ORDER – When’s the last time you had a shopping experience that ‘Wowed’ you? Probably not in a while. Here at Eversprout, we match Amazing, hand-inspected & Packaged Products with incredible USA customer service.
  • TWISTS ONTO ANY UNIVERSAL POLE, GIVING YOU EXTRA REACH – The Boat Hook twists onto all Eversprout Extension Poles or any pole with Universal/Standard US Threading, or ¾” Acme Threading. Simply twist the boat hook attachment onto the pole, reach to the sky, and conquer those hard-to-reach spots! (Pole Not Included)
  • FLOATS – attachment floats by itself. Will float with Eversprout Extension Pole. Other poles may or may not float.


100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Buy with confidence! With our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured you will be refunded if our Boat Hook doesn\’t suit your needs. Although, we are confident you will be super impressed with its sturdy, lightweight, high-quality design.

If you want to dock/undock with ease, this is the perfect boat hook for you.

Boat Hook:

-High quality, built to last

-Lightweight design floats in water

-Twist onto any standard acme threaded 3/4\” pole tip

-Works with Eversprout poles & common threaded broom, sweeper, painter, extension poles

-Scratch-Resistant Design so you don\’t damage your beauty

-Great value 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured you will be refunded if your boat hook doesn\’t suit your needs.

Common Questions – FAQs
-Does the Boat Hook Attachment fit onto any pole?
The Boat Hook fits onto any regular acme threaded pole. Any Eversprout pole works. Most threaded broom/sweeper poles, painter poles, mop poles, and extension poles work.

-Can Boat Hook \” click\” onto a pole?
No, only twists or screws onto the common threaded pole.

-Does Boat Hook come with a pole?
No, but it fits any standard threaded pole. We also sell the Boat Hook with our Extension Pole as a combo unit.

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