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Flexible Microfiber Feather Duster (24”)

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EVERSPROUT Flexible Microfiber Feather Duster | Extra-Long 24” Brush Head with Handle | Lightweight, Attracts Dust | Twists onto Standard Acme Threaded Pole | (Duster Attachment Only, No Pole)


-24-INCH COMMERCIAL GRADE DUSTER THE CLEANING PROS – Great for cleaning furniture, picture frames, ceiling, ceiling fans, stairs, blinds, windows, window sills, baseboards – use with horizontal swiping motion. Durable, long lasting. Good value purchase

-FLEXIBLE DUSTER WITH TWIST-ON HANDLE DESIGN – Bendable duster head can be shaped to your dusting needs! Twist-on handle allows you to attach to 3/4” ACME threaded pole tip – Eversprout poles, common threaded poles like mop, sweeper, painter – Just twist on your duster and you are ready to clean. (Our light-weight, 3-stage extension pole is sold separately.)

-EVERSPROUT 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Buy with confidence. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Just let us know, and we’ll make it right.

-SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT & FLUFFY FEATHER DUSTER – Tons of feathers attached with soft rubber tip on end to ensure feathers stay on, and walls don’t get scratched. Soft rubber handle provides a comfortable grip.

-IDEAL DUSTER FOR BLINDS – Ideal for cleaning high corners and other hard to reach areas – tall ceilings, kitchen corners, or any difficult spot.

100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Buy with confidence! With our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured you will be refunded if our Feather Duster doesn’t suit your needs. Although, we are confident you will be super impressed with its sturdy, lightweight, high-quality design. 
 If you are a proud homeowner or renter who cares about keeping your place clean, this is the perfect feather duster for you.

Feather duster:

-High quality, built to last

-Lightweight and fluffy duster

-Twist onto any standard acme threaded pole

-Works with Eversprout poles & common threaded broom, sweeper, painter, extension poles

Great value 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured you will be refunded if your feather duster doesn’t suit your needs.

Common Questions – FAQs

-Does feather duster fit onto any pole?
The duster fits onto any regular acme threaded pole. Any Eversprout pole works. Most threaded broom/sweeper poles, painter poles, mop poles, and extension poles work.

-Can feather duster “click” onto a pole?
 No, only twists or screws onto common threaded pole.

-Does feather duster come with a pole?
No, but it fits any standard threaded pole. We also sell feather duster with long extension pole combo.