Utility Hook + 18′ Extension Pole


EVERSPROUT 7-to-19 Foot Utility Hook with Extension Pole (25 Foot Reach) | Installing and Hanging Christmas/String Lights, Birdfeeders, Reaching High Places | Lightweight, Telescoping Extension Pole

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE FOR INCREDIBLE VALUE – Utility Hook can be used in countless ways such as installing holiday lights, hanging bird feeders and wind chimes, closing tall vents or window blinds (shutters), boating, hanging clothes & more! Makes hard to reach spots a breeze such as truck beds, conveyor belts, or rock climbing. Many customers also use the pole for other Eversprout twist-on attachments (3/4\” ACME Thread Pole Tip)
  • SAVE TIME, SKIP THE LADDER – REACH UP TO 25 FEET WHEN STANDING – Included is an Eversprout Extension Pole (6.5 to 18 ft) and Utility Hook (4” x 3” x 1”). Utility Hook twists onto 3-Stage Aluminum Extension Pole & extends to any custom length from 7-to-19 Feet. Reach up to 25 feet when standing.
  • THE EVERSPROUT ADVANTAGE – 1 YEAR WARRANTY, MIND-BLOWING USA CUSTOMER SERVICE, 1 TREE PLANTED WITH EVERY ORDER – When’s the last time you had a shopping experience that ‘Wowed’ you? Probably not in a while. Here at Eversprout, we match Amazing, hand-inspected & Packaged Products with incredible USA customer service.
  • NO SCRATCH, NO BEND UTILITY HOOK – Unlike many other hooks on the market, the Eversprout Utility Hook does not bend underweight. This allows for a sturdy and confident reach. Smooth hook design means no scratching when in use.
  • THE ULTIMATE EXTENSION POLE ON THE MARKET TODAY – Lightweight Aluminum pole weighs only 2.1 pounds and is very sturdy. Non-Slip Foam Hand Grips for comfort and reliable grip in wet conditions. Frustration-Free Flip-Tab Locking Mechanism means NO SECTIONS GETTING STUCK like traditional twist-lock poles, AND allows any custom length between 6.5 and 18 ft. 3/4” Acme Thread Pole Tip is made of metal alloy for durability – compatible with any Eversprout Attachment with over 10x Potential Uses.



100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Buy with confidence! With our 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured you will be refunded if our Extension Pole with Utility Hook doesn\’t suits your needs. Although, we are confident you will be super impressed with its sturdy, lightweight, high-quality design.

Skip the Ladder! With the Eversprout Utility Hook, you can install lights with your feet safely on the ground.

-High quality, built to last

-Lightweight, 3-Stage Aluminum Extension Pole

-Reach up to 25 feet when standing (pole extends 7-19 feet)

-Great value 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured you will be refunded if your Extension Pole with Utility Hook doesn\’t suit your needs.

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