Save time,

skip the ladder

The ultimate fruit picker for hard to reach fruits

Fan cleaning made easy

Our bendable cleaner does the work for you

Dust be gone

Attract and grab dust with this feather duster

Do you ever find yourself dreading chores?
Well, Eversprout is here to help make your life a lot easier.
We specialize in best-in-class tools and products to make tackling those pesky chores a breeze.

Say bye bye cobwebs and dust. This Cobweb Duster (with Extension Pole) is perfect for cleaning tall, hard to reach spots inside and outside.

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Gentle on your car and tough on dirt. These Mitts are made out of premium microfiber that’s extra soft and thick for the ultimate car washing experience.

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Clean your fans without a ladder. This Ceiling Fan Duster can be bent to any shape so you can clean your high ceiling fans, no matter what type of fan blade.

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Self Watering Window Herb Planter

This innovative pot is perfect for growing succulents and many other plants, both indoors and out. It's also 90% more efficient than conventional plant pots, so you'll save time and money on watering. Give your green thumb a try with our self-watering window herb planter today!

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Vertical Stackable Planter

No matter what your gardening style, this planter is sure to fit your needs. It is perfect for mixing a variety of different vegetables, flowers, and herbs, all in one unit. Each level of the planter has its own drainage hole, so you can water each section separately.

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