Offering a range of plant types and sizes, along with an array of decorative pots to suit any style.
Achieve the perfect touch of green without any hassle.

Achieve the perfect touch of
green without any hassle.

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Get to Know Our Plants

Our collection of faux plants is so realistic, you'll swear they're the real deal. No upkeep necessary, so you can enjoy the beauty of greenery stress-free. And with a variety of plant types and pot styles to choose from, you can create a look that's totally you.

Make a Statement

Whether you're all about that boho vibe or love a sleek, modern look, we've got you covered. And the high-quality materials mean your pots will look amazing for years to come.

Mix and Match

With Everlast Greenery, you can mix and match your plants and pots to create a fresh new vibe anytime you want. Whether it's for a holiday or just because, we make it easy to stay on trend.

Seriously Sustainable

When you purchase from Everlast Greenery, you're also helping the environment. We partner with the Eden Foundation Project to plant a tree in Madagascar with every order. Plus, choosing artificial plants means you're reducing water consumption and doing your part for the planet.


A: Artificial plants offer a number of benefits, including the ability to add greenery and beauty to indoor and outdoor spaces without the need for regular care and maintenance. Artificial plants are also great for people who suffer from allergies or have pets that might chew on real plants.

A: While artificial plants are not biodegradable and do not provide the same environmental benefits as real plants, they can still be a more eco-friendly choice than real plants in some cases. For example, if you live in an area with a drought or water restrictions, using artificial plants can help conserve water. Additionally, if you choose high-quality artificial plants that are made using sustainable materials, you can reduce your impact on the environment.

A: When choosing an artificial plant, consider factors like the size of the space you want to decorate, the style of decor you prefer, and the lighting conditions in the room. You should also think about the type of plant you want, such as a succulent, fern, or tree.

A: Caring for artificial plants is easy! Simply dust them regularly with a soft cloth or feather duster to keep them looking fresh and clean. If your plant becomes particularly dirty, you can also wash it gently with soap and water and allow it to air dry.

A: Most artificial plants do not require any assembly or setup. However, some larger plants may require a bit of shaping or adjusting to get them looking just right. Any necessary instructions will typically be included with your plant when you receive it.

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